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Player Fees Payment Page

Player Fees - Checks

Checks can be mailed to the Treasurer: Shane Cox, 9357 W Swimming Hole Lane, Pendleton, IN 46064.

Player Fees - Online Registration and Payment

Follow the link below to register and/or pay your 2016 player fees online.  You also have the option of using PayPal if you're having payment issues via the website.

Player Fees Payment Using PayPal

If you're having issues paying via the website, we offer payment through PayPal also.  A PayPal account is NOT required.

As you can see below, enter the team name (e.g., 15 Stout or 12 Bauer) and then the players last name.  Then select the "Add to Cart" button to make payments for your player fees via PayPal.  Once the PayPal window opens, simply adjust the quantity of $1 items to equal the amount of your payment and follow the easy instructions.

What team his your son on?
What is his last name?